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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does 67th Avenue need to be widened?

Commercial development, community activity centers, and residential growth in the area have resulted in the need for additional travel lanes in 67th Avenue. Both the Northwest Valley Transportation Study and the Peoria Transportation Needs Study recommend widening 67th Avenue to three lanes in each direction to accommodate future traffic projections.impact.

Why are there raised median islands?

Raised median islands are being installed in a portion of 67th Avenue between the Lifetime Fitness/Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV) entrance and Happy Valley Road to assist in access management and enhance safety, in particular near the intersections where many movements are taking place.

Will this help with the traffic congestion during activities at CCV?

A new traffic signal was recently added at the Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV) and the Lifetime Fitness main entrance driveway.  This new traffic signal, combined with the widening of 67th Avenue, is expected to reduce church-related traffic congestion and delays along 67th Avenue.

Is 67th Avenue a City of Peoria roadway?

Yes, this segment of 67th Avenue was annexed by the City of Peoria from Maricopa County in 2007; however, the 67th Avenue and Happy Valley Road intersection is a City of Phoenix intersection.

Will this help with timing of the intersection traffic signals at 67th Avenue and Happy Valley Road?

While 67th Avenue is a City of Peoria roadway, the 67th Avenue and Happy Valley Road intersection is a City of Phoenix intersection so is managed through their Streets Department, Traffic Management.

Will this help with flooding and drainage issues?

This project includes regional stormwater drainage components in coordination with the Flood Control District of Maricopa County to provide 100-year level drainage protection to the area. Interim improvements have been completed by the City of Peoria which include a drainage basin at the southwest corner of Hatfield Road and 67th Avenue. The project includes additional storm water retention basins, storm drain improvements in 67th Avenue, and a box culvert at Hatfield Road to convey stormwater to New River.

How is the project being funded?

The project is funded with the City of Peoria Capital Improvement Program and funds provided by the Flood Control District of Maricopa County and State of Arizona.

Will a noise study/analysis be conducted and what will be done to mitigate any noise impacts to nearby residences?

Yes, a noise study/analysis is expected to take place during the design phase of the project.

Will additional property or easements be needed for the improvements?

In some locations, additional public right-of-way or easements will need to be acquired to accommodate the needed improvements. The City of Peoria Real Estate Specialist will be in contact with properties to discuss the project impacts.

Will my residential services be impacted during construction?

The City of Peoria project team will notify impacted residents of any planned disruptions to water service, and utilities relocating to accommodate the project will typically notify their customers according to their respective communication protocols. Should you experience unplanned disruptions to residential services during construction, please contact the project hotline.

Why are there random traffic restrictions and construction projects occurring along 67th Ave right now?

Many of these traffic restrictions currently occurring along 67th Ave between Pinnacle Peak Rd and Happy Valley Rd are due to preliminary activities associated with design of this project. In addition, there are a number of communication companies (i.e. MCI, Cox Cable, Verizon) who are expanding, upgrading, or relocating their underground facilities ahead of this project.

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